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How to delete the shopping list board on Pinterest and keep it off?

The shopping list board on Pinterest was announced more than 7 months ago and remains one of the most hated features of the product. How do i get rid of shopping list on pinterest, you ask? Because there's no way to opt-out, the only way you can win is to control what you pin.

One of the easiest and counterintuitive ways to not have your Pinterest boards fiddled with is to use a dedicated shopping wishlist app like Ramble for storing your shopping ideas so Pinterest can't make shoppable pins of them!

Based on most user experiences, you don't have a choice when it comes to having shopping pin boards and the only way that it really works is for you to remove the pins one by one. Even if your intent was to somehow buy what you pinned, they don't make it easy. It's actually a lot worse because the shopping pin board is completely unorganized even if the board the original pins came from were tended to with love and care.

Has someone figured out any way to get these godforsaken “shopping pin” boards to go away? Sorry to vent! - u/candlesandtea
I haven't figured out how to delete the whole board. I have found if I delete all pins on it, it goes away (until they put more pins on it, then I delete all those, and on it goes).
I've deleted 1000+ pins so far. Yeah I miss some of them. But this forced board pisses me off so much it's worth it. - u/oftloghands

It started out as a place to gain inspiration and discuss ideas. Product discovery was not the primary focus in the early days. Pinterest was a hub for hobbies and ideas – DIY projects, graphic design, travel, and so on. It has not gone un-noticed by hitherto loyal users that Pinterest is morphing to an ad-ridden hellscape when the soul of the product is related to sharing ideas.

I only use it to pin images that i like. But yes, there has been a lot of monetization lately. For me it's evident from the home page where i get posts of Tshirts and other clothing apparel daily. And worse part is they are all women's clothing, of which gender i am not. - u/rayzor_debiker

Unlike Pinterest, Ramble was built for shoppers so you can (gasp!) pursue your interests and shopping independently! Sign up for Ramble today and say bye to the shopping board forever.

If you like this post, you'll love Ramble! Save and organize shopping ideas from any app or website in this one simple free app. Discover trending products and ideas from people just like you.

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