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Ramble is the Pinterest Secret Board Alternative You Need!

TL;DR - Ramble is a much better way to plan your shopping than Pinterest secret boards especially on mobile.

Do you have private i.e. secret Pinterest boards for shopping ideas that you really don't want the world to see? If you're like all the others out there you're probably struggling with questions like:

  • Can I add collaborators to my secret board?

  • How come my secret board is not showing?

  • Where are my secret boards anyway?

  • Are my secret boards really secret?

  • What if I accidentally make a secret board public? (spoiler: there's no going back)

Wouldn't it be nice to have something that is like a secret board but with shopping superpowers? Ramble is that app on steroids. Its native mobile-first experience means that Ramble shines at helping you at your time of need: when you're on your phone trying to save products to your wishlist and not having to worry if the list is public!

Ramble takes the best of Pinterest secret boards and discards all the rest. Every collection in Ramble is a secret board with shopping superpowers! Pinterest is not tailored to improve your shopping experience. Some websites (particularly Amazon) do not allow Pinterest links, so you're out of luck if you want to save your Amazon wishlist to Pinterest. Ramble, on the other hand, fully supports all sites. There are no video pins, tiktok videos, or other distracting elements. We only do one thing, and we do it well: we save your shopping ideas quickly and easily. There are no distractions: it's just the name, price, picture, and description saved in an instant for you.

There's more to Ramble that makes it the ideal secret board replacement. You can use Ramble to save and track anything that can be bought. If you wish, a collection on Ramble can be used track anything from flight prices to Airbnb homes. our in-app browser allows you to navigate directly to the product page from within the app. Share the list with people you trust or make it public (not the other way around!).

Come join the revolution. Sign up below or on our homepage to discover just how simple and easy Ramble is.

If you like this post, you'll love Ramble! Save and organize shopping ideas from any app or website in this one simple free app. Discover trending products and ideas from people just like you.

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