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Vintage Enamel Popsockets for your Shopping Wishlist

PopSockets are a smartphone grips/stands that attach to the backs of phones. The Boulder-based company has relationships with Swarovski, Marvel, and the NBA and offers about 1,000 styles. It was founded by David Barnett, a former philosophy professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. Early versions somehow found their ways into the hands of celebrities such as Serena Williams and model Gigi Hadid. Popsocket grips come in hundreds of different colors and patterns so that consumers can find one that best suits their style preference. Users also have the option to customize their own grip.

Not all popsockets are enamel and not all enamel popsockets are worth it. Check out the four below that made the cut due to their timeless design and style.



A classic vintage moon, cloud and stars in blue white and gold reminiscent of watch faces. The most popular enamel popsocket on the site.

"I thought it looked amazing when I saw it on Instagram, but it looks so much more beautiful in person. I love the moon, stars, & cloud design. I also absolutely love how bright & shinny the crescent moon is. I've gotten so many complements on it, & it was so easy to put on. I love, love, LOVE it!!!!"

Official site link



Cherry blossoms in white and gold bloom and bud across the face.

"I now have several of these and they are gorgeous! I keep coming back to see if new ones have been added.

Making the Pop-Tops swappable is the best invention. Now I’m swamping them out every few days, depending on my mood! LOL!

Before the tops became swappable I only had a couple and rarely swapped them out."

Official site link



Simple minimalistic evil eye set in blue.

"The look and the design are amazing. I love the quality of it. It’s not plastic it feel like metal very heavy duty. Love it! If you’re a fan of any evil eye stuff this is for you!"

Official site link



Large red poppy set in pink with gold trim.

"Perfect representation of the VFW Poppy. This can serve as your reminder of the sacrifice that are war heroes have given. Perfect gift for all VFW members!"

Official link

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