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Frequently Asked Questions

What sites and apps work with Ramble?

All of them! If what you want to save can be shared via a link or via the share button, you can share it to your Ramble app. Ramble will automatically extract the product information and add it the collections you want.

How is Ramble vs Pinterest?

Pinterest is definitely a great app but it's not really geared toward shopping and it shows. Some sites (notably Amazon) don't allow Pinterest links so if you want to bookmark your Amazon wishlist to Pinterest, you're out of luck. Ramble, on the other hand, supports all sites without exception. There's no videos pins, tiktok videos or other distractions. We do one thing and one thing well: save your shopping ideas fast and easy. There are no distractions: it's the name, price, picture and description saved for you in an instant. And there's more; our in-app browser means you can go directly to the product page right in the app.

Is Ramble free?

Yes. Ramble is and will always be free.

Can I use Ramble to plan my vacation? Can I use it with Airbnb?

Yes! When we say Ramble wishlist supports anything, we literally support anything you can pay for! So, you can use Ramble to plan your vacation by saving Airbnb homes, hotels, flights all to one single collection if you want.

Can I share my collection with friends and family?

Absolutely. You can share your collections and even individual items with the use of the share button. They can then view the collection via their browser or the app.

How many collections and products can I save to Ramble?

All Ramble accounts come with unlimited saves and collections. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Does Ramble work with Klarna, Afterpay, Affirm and other "buy now,pay later" programs?

Yes. Using Ramble does not prevent you from completing your purchase using these payment methods. We help you shop the way you want to shop.

What if I have a problem or suggestion for Ramble?

We welcome all suggestions and feedback to help improve your experience. You can mail us at hello (at ) You can also use the chat function at the bottom right of this site to type in your question or suggestion in real time.

Does Ramble allow affiliate links?

Yes. Ramble saves the affiliate link just like it would save any other link.

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